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Aircraft upgrade programs and MRO engineering support

Edair Technologies a company focussed on aircraft upgrades, special mission aircraft modifications and MRO engineering services with highly skilled and experienced professionals in the military and civil aircraft market for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.

Aircraft upgrades due to obsolescense of systems or aircraft restore to flight plans are part of EDAIR experience and skills thats also allows the company to improve aircraft mission performances by adding new capabilities and systems to existing fleets.


MRO support to specific fleets as PMA engineering support for specific projects including their certifications completes EDAIR offer to the aircraft market.

With extensive experience in this field, the company, through a multidisciplinary team of engineers and specialized technicians, applies its know-how in the improvement and adaptability of aircraft with the best guarantees for customers.

The company designs, manufactures and assembles, among others:


  • Modified structural and installation kits

  • Pods

  • Aircraft protection suite

  • Environmental control systems

  • Gimbals

  • Cabin consoles

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