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Who is Edair Technologies

EDAIRTEC is a business line focus into the aircraft systems integration, aircraft MRO engineering support and the development of airborne equipment for civil and military use.


The company founded in 2018 comes from a more than 20 experience in the technology and customer focus.

Edair engineering team has more than 20 years experience into the defence sector where they have performed more than 200 succesful projects jointly with companies like SGD and customers like Airbus and other major OEMs.


The Edair capabilites covers mechanical design and analysis, systems design and analysis and integration capacity.


The integration team of EDAIR can perform aircraft integrations in any part of the world displaying its capacity and teaming with local actors to create the in house capacity to perform and improve projects.


This has led Edair team to be present in projects developed on different countries around the world


The development of on board systems to cover the new needs of the fleet from connectivity to self protection.and energy management systems is one of the business lines that Edair covers with the development of specific products with various partners.

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