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PHIADI – Innovative, Advanced and Intelligent Hydrogen Propulsion


The PHIADI project continues its development in line with the planning approved by CDTI.


PHIADI (Innovative, Advanced and Intelligent Hydrogen Propulsion) aims to research to obtain a propulsion system focused on zero emissions, using a gaseous hydrogen storage system, and the evaluation of the power train based on the generation of electrical energy in a fuel cell and the supply of a direct combustion engine using INNengine engine technology, adapted to hydrogen combustion. As a result, a final evaluation of hybrid solutions will be carried out at a technology maturity level of 4 (TRL4). One target market is CS23 type aircraft.


The consortium is made up of the following partners:


  • GUTMAR, with the role of coordinator and that of carrying out the precision machining of mechanical components and future integration, in addition to the Manufacture of the H2 storage system and the integration of the test bench to TRL4.

  • EDAIR, with the role of partner and for the design of the storage system, system architecture and implementation of the Energy Management System.

  • INNENGINE, with the role of partner and owner of the patented “one-time” combustion engine and responsible for adapting it so that it burns hydrogen, instead of fossil fuel. The project is subsidized by the CDTI, with support from the Ministry of Science and Innovation and receives funds, via CDTI, from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the European Union.

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